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Bubble Trouble

Exercise: 20 minutes on the cross trainer
Piano Song of the day: Mission Impossible (at 100% speed)

At first Mission Impossible did seem like it was going to be impossible, but not too bad. Yes, a little fiddly but in the end it became mission possible.

Having seen Leonie's excellent latest work on Redbubble - you should check it out, I'll wait.

See, what I mean, beautiful right. OK, so I thought well maybe I should finally do something about all the photos that I have been taking over the years and having printed and hung in my home. Ones that others might might in their home, or on strickers, or magnets, some of the more abstract photos, leading lines, the kind of thing people might like.

So I created a redbubble account, and uploaded a single one of my photos to play with the tools - I've done similar things with CafePress. I chose a photo that I thought would print well and look good on many things. It had previously been uploaded to a couple of stock image sites, because it was my photo and I'm happy to sell it.

Today I was looking at a hardcover notebooks on RedBubble that I thought I might buy Karen and when I went to login to checkout I discovered that the account I had created yesterday was suspended.

And you know how you get your account suspended on RedBubble, for fraud. Trying to publish something that you don't own because their stupid bots found my photo on a different site, of course they did, it's mine.

And you know what the appeal process is when you get suspended, none. While you can file an appeal, it'll take a couple of weeks, they don't promise to look at all the appeals and if you don't hear back in a couple of weeks it was denied.

This is a public company, and this is stupid. Very stupid. Expect some follow up posts, because I am beyond mad and will be taking my business elsewhere, somewhere where it is wanted.

Not impressed, not at all. Not gruntled either!

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