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Broken Early Birthday

Days sheltering in place: 76.
Days to normality: Unknown, shelter in place order open-ended.
Keyboarding: none.
Indoor Bike: Dane.

The last “Shelter in place” order that I read from the county was due to expire In two days, after being extended from the original order of two week. This evening I checked to see if it had been extended to find out that it was changed, on May 18th, to indefinitely until cancelled. We are definitely in this for the long haul.

Today an early Birthday present arrived - a good 6 weeks early. My wonderful wife had decided it was about time I had a fully automatic espresso machine. I couldn’t fault her on this. 99.9% of the coffee making that occurs in our household is done by her and this would mean dispensing with the blade grinder and aero-press. It is another good reason for me to accept this gift, I want her life to be easier. Yes, my wife is buying me a Kitchen appliance for my birthday, and I’m more than OK with it. I have brought her two appliances as gifts in the past. I pulled off buying her a vacuum cleaner once, with style.

Figuring she didn’t know anything about fully-automatic espresso machines but knowing I had had one before told me to find one I wanted, order it and she would pay me back. In the past she has managed to buy me items that she knew nothing about - a Midi Keyboard and a Record Deck - and made great choices so I don’t know why she was worried this time. Regardless, I found a machine at a reasonable price, from a manufacturer I trusted and ordered it.

It arrived today, I was excited as it was early in the morning. Knowing it would take time to setup and adjust the grinding & brewing settings to the way I wanted them, I set aside the morning to do just that. It would be a caffeine heavy day.

I unpacked it, set it up, read the manual, filled the water reservoir, plugged it in, turned it on, and set it to prime the pump and.... nothing. A flashing red triangle that indicated that there is a fault. I tried everything in the manual, I checked on-line. It looks like my brand new birthday present espresso machine is dead on arrival. I was depressed about this all day.

I’ll call the manufacturer tomorrow and if they can’t resolve it, it’ll be going back for a free replacement - thank you Amazon for making that process easy.

Until then, my wonderful wife will have to continue to make coffee by hand.

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