2 years ago 🥁 for day 248, 2020 with 280 words.


Days sheltering in place: 172.
Exercise: er, nope.
Keyboard: solved the bar repeat issue.

And then then they came, and came, and kept coming, day after day after day and in the end I have a bit of a box problem.


[Sorry I should have scaled down that photo to be a reasonable size before uploading it so apologies for anybody reading this on a slow connection if @owen hasn’t turned on the CloudFlare mirage feature that automagically down scales images on the fly based on the resolution of the device].

It’s a three day weekend so I have plenty of time to flatten them and put them in the recycling. At least we recycle here as not all US States do and not all places in California do, but most do and there is a financial incentive to do so.

But the boxes may have to wait because I have another pressing issue that has been building throughout the week as the boxes kept arriving.

There’re back.

Yes, Ants in the bathroom. The master bathroom at that. They seem to be coming from behind the mirror. Two thoughts, take down the mirror to find out where they are coming in or seal all around the mirror and hope they don’t find another way in. As the mirror is large 6’ x 4’ (2m x 1.25m’ish) it is probably too heavy to move easily and there is a big potential that it could break. On that basis I’ll probably be trying the seal’em in technique first because I can always remove the mirror if that doesn’t do it.

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