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Bora da

Exercise: Brought the bins back in.
Phrase of the day: Bora da.

I read an article the other day that that many people have taken up learning a new language over the covid-19 period, and one of the languages stood out.

I’ve never been any good at languages, well the linguistic ones anyway. Computer languages are much easier, they have structure and logic and rules without exceptions. There may be other logical languages too, maybe Esperanto. I have enough difficulty with the English language, never mind learning another. In school we all had to attempt to learn French. Why French? Why not German or Spanish? Well the Brits still held a grudge against the Germans but come on, we still have a grudge against the French.

Nevertheless in school I attempted French, I failed badly. I can still count, and tell you what a black cat is called. Later I lived in Germany and learnt enough to get around. This was a lot simpler to learn. There was logic and if you didn’t know a word, you could make one up by stringing words together that you did know.

I’m reliably informed that while DasFlipinFlopinMuckemSpreadum is not the German word for windscreen screen wipers the actual word is not that far different - just made up of German words.

Kristine mentioning that she has been learning French reminded me to check out Duolingo as I had heard that Welsh was the fastest growing language learned in the UK. After having being forced to learn French I can understand why.

As many of you know Karen is Welsh and I have always wanted to learn enough to get around or at least not be the stupid tourist when I’m in Wales.

Today I started learning Welsh (again). I had tried briefly before, but failed badly as most of the well-know language training courses never offered Welsh. Duolingo to the rescue and so far I like it. Karen knows a bit, both of her kids are fluent and I know other that are native speakers also.

Unfortunately, while the Welsh alphabet has most of the letter of the latin one it has different pronunciations for many of the letters.

Still, if I word doesn’t exist, you can make up a new Welsh word by joining others together.

And with that new task to do everyday, I will wish you a nos da.

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