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Time to get a blower?

Technically Autumn doesn't start until the autumnal equinox which this year is September 23rd. To me it feels like autumn already. The leaves on the trees are yellow or on the ground, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler.

My garden is covered in leaves is the first signs for me. I have a bunch of very pretty poplar trees that sit between my house and my neighbors. They provide privacy and also to some degree shade on the house. This is a compromise. I have solar panels so I want as much direct sunlight on the panels but less on the house itself - except when it's cold outside, in which case I do. I know, I want my cake and to eat it too.

The leaves fall off the poplar trees two times a year. Once during the summer when it gets unbearably hot, a few leaves fall. I assume this is because they run out of moisture. In autumn they all fall and my garden is completely covered.

Each year I wonder whether I should get an electric leaf blower, or even leaf sucker. Every year I get my leaf rake out and I rake the leaves. I don't throw them away, I rake them into the various garden beds around the perimeter so that they will provide nutrients for the plants and also stop light getting to the weeds. So far it is working. It's sort of making compost but all over the garden. The leaves also become home to a whole variety of beetles and other crawly insects that are fun to observe.

In in the end it is good exercise for me to get out in the garden, gloves and rake and get some physical activity. I wish they would stop falling after I have raked those that have already. I want my trees but not to rake the leaves. Maybe it is time to get a blower.


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