1 year ago 🥁 for day 221, 2020 with 291 words.


Days sheltering in place: 145.
Exercise: 3 mile ramble.
Rolls of toilet paper left: 16

Supplies are still a mess here. It’s hard to get bread flour, although normal flour is back in stock. Yeast is hard to find. You can’t hand liquid hand soap, you may not even be able to get bar soap. You can get hand sanitizer, by the boatload, and paper goods such as paper towels, tissues and toilet paper are in plentiful supply.

We finally went out today. Karen’s Mini hadn’t had serious run in months so we took that. This was the first excursion out of the house since March 8th That was the day our home was broken into and all our iPads & Computers stolen. The second event, of course, was Covid which meant going out means wearing a mask & keeping six feet away from everybody else. That was the last time we’d used our cameras. Five months of not taking photos is a long time.

Missing the water we went to Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline - a nature preserve on the San Franciso Bay with the added advantage of being next to Oakland Airport. Karen - being ex RAF, with a father that was in the RAF - is a fan of aircraft and hence the chosen location. We saw the aircraft take off and land, and have long telephoto lenses to photograph them. If nothing else it was a good exercise in photography practice, but also good to get out of the house, into the fresh air for a stroll - or as people of a certain age in the UK would call it, a ramble.

Plus I got to pick and eat fresh wild blackberries.


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