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Black Thursday

5K walk done to get the AppleWatch Thanksgiving Award.

I’m typing this post on a the brand new iPad that I mentioned previously. This isn’t the normal device that I write on, mainly because my old iPad was slow, typing in glass is hard work and editing annoying. Maybe I should invest in a small Bluetooth keyboard.

Today is Thanksgiving, which in America has become the day the physical Black Friday sales start - sometime between 3 & 5pm Thursday evening and go on throughout the weekend. They have been going on online for a couple of weeks now but aren’t the same as the physical experience.

I’m not a big Black Friday bargain hunter. I have a list of items I am looking to buy and have already worked out the lowest price I’m going to get, ordered what I wanted and ignore the whole Black Friday - Cyber Monday thing.

Of course I still go for a walk in the evening - got to get that 5K award - just to witness the chaos at my local BestBuy anyway. Plenty of bargains and I’ll probably be back later to get a few minor things when the check-out queues are reasonable.

Didn’t stop me going to Old Navy to pick up a new pair of jeans though. The entire store is 50% off so I usually take the opportunity to buy essentials that I wear everyday. They do this every year so unless I’m desperate I just wait.

The one item I wasn’t expecting to buy was a new office chair. My existing one is 20+ years old, Scandinavian and apart from a wobbly arm caused by my kids jumping on it is as good as the day I purchased it. I don’t actually need a new chair (probably).

The online store that I brought my wife’s standing desk frame from was having some $9 deals. They were selling standing desks and chairs for $9 each. Naturally the site was overloaded and I missed out on the desks but when the chairs came up for purchase at 2pm I managed to snag a ~$150 office chair for $9 (Inc tax and delivery). It took a few attempts to check-out but eventually I got the purchase receipt.

Of all the sale prices I have ever brought something at, 94% off is not one of them.


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