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Big Violins

Exercise: Nope.
Keyboard: Just Jammin' (or something).

Of the headshots I submitted, one was chosen. It was a casual evening photo taken by Karen, back lit by a street light at dusk. Rather grainy but the company wanted something not too formal as I was the CTO - the idea being that we want to attract engineers with our relaxed chill development style, not scare them away with business suit bureaucracy. You can check it out here if you are curious.

There is something about the combination of electrically amplified music mixed with an orchestra. Many bands know this and often have some kind of classical stringed player in the band. Phil Spencer certainly knew the magic with his wall of sound and River Deep Mountain High, by the time the Beatles got to Sgt Pepper they too discovered the power, culminated with Day in the life. Kate Bush discovered the power of strings, eg: Cloudbursting plus of course those boys from Birmingham, Electric Light Orchestra who had both Electric and Orchestra in their name, here is sample with those big floor standing violins, Rockaria! - a song name dropping many classical composers.

Which leads me to Klaatu and a track called Prelude. Klaatu (the band, not the alien, who came to warn earth and was ignored) were for a long-time a mystery because they refused to reveal who the band members were composed of. Created a lot of wonderful mix of rock and orchestra. For their part, unlike ELO they didn't have any big violin players so roped in the London Symphony Orchestra, and the result is glorious....

I can't play any orchestral instruments, except for the one that is featured at exactly 2:45 into the track. I think I can master that one.

I give you Klaatu & The LSO, playing Prelude

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