11 months ago 🥁 for day 155, 2021 with 321 words.

Day 6: Big 'Ole In't Ground

Exercise: Biking + walking
Piano Song of the day: No Piano today

Miles Driven: 290 (466 km)

Mile bicycled: 12 (19.3 km)

Arms burnt: 2

Today we were at the Grand Canyon - or as people in the north of England would describe it, big 'ole in't ground. When you first see the Grand Canyon it is big, really big, but you can only see a section of it and it can be a little disappointing. However, if you leave the main tourist area and either walk, bike or take buses to various vantage points and overlooks to the west of the main area you get to see it in all of its glory and of course the Colorado river that runs at the bottom of it.

We opted to bike from the visitors center to the far west point - Hermits Rest - which is about a 10 mile bike ride. Which is of course not that long, except for a few factors:

  • not flat, some 6% grades
  • 7200+ feet (2,195 meters) above sea level
  • 14% humidity (that's very very dry)
  • 85°F (29.5°C) temperature and rising

I live at about 60 feet above sea level. The air is thin at 7,000 feet. You don't notice it until you do something that involves exerting your body. Plus it's hot, so you need lots of liquids, more than you can reasonably carry. And it is so dry that the whole of the inside of your mouth drys out.

But, we did the bike ride, I was the worse for wear because [a] Karen is fiter than I am and [b] I refused the offer of Sunscreen because I hate the stuff. Even though we were warned that we would burn, and I don't burn easily, to say my arms "caught the sun a litte" would be an understatement. Of course they did, we were biking! Am I suffering, just a little, you know it's a guy thing.

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