10 months ago 🥁 for day 185, 2020 with 244 words.

Best Driver

Days sheltering in place: 109.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: Touched the keys.

I’m not the best driver of my car.

Our house has two cars and two drivers. I’m not the best driver of either car. Karen is naturally the best driver of her own.car, a Mini Cooper S, but not as good driver of the Tesla Model 3 as me, but I’m still not the best driver.

Only two people have ever driven the Tesla and if you are paying attention, there is a better driver than either of them.

So what is the name of this “best driver”?

I don’t know because I don’t think the driver has a name that can be revealed - just like The Stig.

The best driver of my car is, of course, my car. It has better lane positioning than me. It keeps a safer distance from the car in front. This may be a surprise to many but it is one of the things that make TESLA’s the car of the future, today. You don’t drive the car, the car drives you.

Now some filler words as I am falling asleep as I type as it is very late and I’ve had an exhausting week. Special thanks to Karen for waking me up when I fell asleep typing and stayed awake to make sure I finished my words.


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