6 months ago 🥁 for day 183, 2021 with 242 words.

Bed Before Dark

Exercise: TGIF
Piano Song of the day: Sonate 11 - Mozart (some hands 116/136 notes)

Five notes closer, which considering the fact that I didn't attempt to play any extra notes tonight is a surprise as it means I hit more correct notes than previously, even though I fluffed some of the notes anyway and played the tune to death until I got a higher score, determination.

That and not going to bed before it's dark. It's still light at 9 pm, which is problematic. Sure I love the sunshine - I wouldn't live in California if I didn't - and my solar panels love the sun even more, but I need darkness to sleep, plus fresh air and the summer is the worst for that.

Today I installed the public beta of iPadOS 15 on my iPad to give it a spin. It seems stable and I really like the tweaks and improvements that they have done. Nothing groundbreaking, but very nicely and thoughtfully done.

I also installed a beta release of the next version of macOS (v12 AKA: macOS Monterey) to check compatibility with a few things. As threatened, for the first time since macOS X, they didn't install PHP so you'll need to install it yourself if you need it. But they are still installing Apache so that is good. Thankfully macOS binaries of PHP are easily obtainable - or even buildable if that is your thing.


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