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Battery Replacement Saga Pt 9/9

Part 8 is here

Everything is not completely OK. The replacement stickers for my wife's macBook haven't arrived yet, but all in all everything is pretty good therefore as promised this is the last installment.

After Apple mis-billed me for the repair and I called on it they promised to call me back in 3-5 days.

The next day they sent me a survey about the repair experience, which I filled out to let them know that: yes the repair was great and timely but I was really unsatisfied because I was over-charged.

Then they sent me a survey about the customer service experience, which I filled out to let them know that while the agent(s) were professional and understood my problem, they didn't resolve it and didn't seem to show any concern that it wasn't immediately fixed.

At the weekend I went car shopping which overall was a really bad experience plus we still don't have a Mini for Karen. But... as we were driving 300 miles around the San Francisco bay visiting closed car dealers I got a message on my watch that said:


Yes, I got my refund. I finally only paid what I was meant to pay. Not really a win as such. I shouldn't have had to deal with all the grief that I did, however they didn't charge me the extra $20 for the FedEx shipping box which I now get to keep.

Recently I had a Tamron 75-300mm camera lens repaired / serviced for the cost of postage - about $14 I think - and a pair of Altec Lansing Bluetooth Headphones replaced for the cost of a quick e-mail to customer service. In comparison, I don't know if it is a size thing or a volume thing with there always being people trying to take advantage of good customer service provided by the likes of Apple & Amazon that has caused this kind of breakdown. I hope it isn't a sign of the future.

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