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Battery Replacement Saga Pt 7/9

Part 6 is here

I packed up my wife's swollen macBook Pro into the Apple shipping box and dropped it off at my local FedEx store on Monday. Apple would get the box Tuesday morning in Texas and I was hopeful that we would get it back by Thursday.

This morning (Tuesday) I received an e-mail that it had arrived and a technician would be working on it shortly. I could check the status online.


Periodically I checked the status, as did my wife as it was her machine.

Today, sans macBook, she had some work e-mail to respond to and vowed that she wasn't going to try and do it on her iPad. Figuring that she may need access to a real computer I had setup an account on my machine, configured the way she liked it with her login & password. I let her loose with the basic setup and she used the web interface to GMail. She probably wished she just used her iPad, or iPhone. Browser GMail is so awful. I really can't find the words to describe how bad it is. I felt the urge to pick up my mac and throw it out the window in anger just watching her struggle with it. While we both have GMail accounts, we both use external e-Mail products and never the web interface. I really don't see what people like about it.


I also received an e-mail with the tracking number and informing me that I had been billed. Checking online it will arrive Wednesday morning before 10:30 AM. So much for the promise of 3-5 business days, this will be 1.5 actual days.

I don't know how much I have been charged yet. I was promised $199 + Tax. I authorized $549 which is still a pending transaction on my credit card. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow.

I'm hoping I'll be charged what I was quoted and reassured I would be so I don't have a financial battle with Apple over it.

Stay tuned to find out in the next (possibly exciting) episode, which is here.

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