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Baggage Reclaim

Days sheltering in place: 142.
Exercise: Walked to Wal-Mart and back (2 miles).
Keyboarding: Bb/D F Bb D ; +G/+  +F/+

Yes, that's right I'm inventing my own musical notation. I probably don't have to do it as a simplified (non-stave based) notation probably exists already.

  • x/y => play those two keys together.
  • +x => play that note in the next higher octave
  • x/+ => play that key plus the same key an octave higher
  • ; => small pause (for effect)

Now, name that tune!

I've always been a fan of trackers. Not the things that track your activities on the Internet or track whether you have been near somebody with Covid (boy do we need one of those in the US), but personal trackers that you attach to a device so that you don't lose them. Eg: your keys. There are a couple of major players that I have tried - Tile and TrackR. Of the two I have stuck with Tile.

Originally some were against Tile because the batteries weren't replaceable. They would last a year and then you had to replace the Tile with a new one - they did recycle them. At $20 they aren't cheap - especially if you have a lot of them. TrackR on the other hand had replaceable batteries, which is cheaper than replacing the whole device.

The issue for me was that the Tile was more reliable. The TrackR would crash all the time. Then it would use up a battery in days. At one point after I filed a eportr the CEO sent me a new pre-release version that was meant to fix the problem. It didn't. Then they started sending me free replacement batteries because my "new improved" device would eat them for breakfast. I don't know where my TrackR's are now, in the trash years ago probably.

A year or so ago they started making Tiles with replaceable batteries. Which solved the problem that man. So now I have a mix of the old non-replaceable ones that are slowly being replaced with ones that have an interchangeable battery.

Then the other day I received a surprise e-mail from Tile to let me know they are sending me some batteries. I didn't ask for them, I have plenty of spare ones. But hey free batteries are free batteries. I'm a beta tester, maybe it's a perk. Or maybe they know something about their devices that they aren't saying. Still four free batteries. Maybe it's there way of saying thanks.

Anyway, if you want to track your keys, suitcase etc. I like the Tile product and have used them to know that my suitcase is in the hold of the aircarft I am on and not on a completely different flight. It is quite reassuring. Out of Bluetooth range of your own phone it depends on the crowdsourcing of everyone else's running the Tile app. So the more Tile users there are out there, the better for everyone. It is very reassuring to know when waiting in baggage reclaim that you bag has been detected before it arrives on the belt.

Baggage reclaim, what a funny old idea.

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