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Little Things

Days sheltering in place: 155.
Exercise: 5. Mile bike ride at 20mph @ 85ºF.
Keyboard practice: sick of für.

Well I was right about needing the full 88-keys for BoRap. I got to bar five and found my right pinky with nowhere to go. I do have an octave shift button so I could in theory switch up and down octaves as I play but for now BoRap must be put to one side.

My wife is also fed up of humming Für Elise which I use to practice and requested that I learn something new, so back to Moonlight Sonata I think as I am still looking for easy repetitive pieces that I can do until I can do them blindfolded.

Other suggestions welcome.

I went out shopping for supplies. Something that I had been trying to put off for a while, but if I want freshly baked Pizza on Friday then it's my job to make sure that we have all the ingredients so off I went, it in 100ºF heat. I drove, which wasn't out of choice, rather out of safety.

Remember back in January when I wrote about all the missing shopping baskets, well knock me down with a feather, when I got to Wal-Mart there were stacks of brand new shopping baskets - all with an attached security device. I almost stopped to take a photo before realizing just how weird that would look, then I realized that I was in Wal-Mart and weird is the new normal, but still resisted. Brightened my day though.

Little things.

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