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Backup Your Backups

Days sheltering in place: 105.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 3.
Keyboarding: sustained arpeggio

At one point I had the entirety of my CD collection ripped and sitting on a network drive., 20 something gigs of data. One day that drive died. I didn’t have a backup. Not a problem, I had the original CD’s I could always rip them again. Given a few spare days,.

I’ve been practicing the first three arpeggio sequences from Moonlight Sonata over and over and over again. Those black keys are harder to hit and my fingers slip off or miss them, but practice I must. Of course constant use of the sustain peddle helps to hide my mistakes.

I lost some data once, several months of work. And it wasn’t even mine. It was the code of another engineer, who worked for me, on my drive and the only copy, when the drive went bad.

This taught me a serious lesson, backups are important.

By the time I got around to ripping the CD’s again, I had moved country, many of the CD’s were missing and hard to get. iTunes had been invented by so technically I could buy them all again.

I ripped what I had, and re-purposed those that I didn’t - second hand many - and ripped those. There are still some missing which I can’t find, and arn’t available online in any form.

Now I have 3 sets of backups in my house on three sets of drives and everything backed up to two different cloud services, including one of those backup drives.

My wife has both local and cloud backups as well.

Losing those CD’s was the last time I lost anything that I wasn’t able to recover from a backup.

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