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Backup of Backups

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Piano Song of the day: Fireworks (252/257 @ 80%)

Getting closer on Fireworks. If I get it all at 80% speed I think I'll call it I day and move on with my learning. I'm pretty close after not playing for two days, so we'll see how the weekend goes.

Scribblings' rule of backups:

        You need n+1 backups, where n is the number you currently have

Everybody has electronic backups, or at least I hope they do. If you don't, please talk to me. You don't need to have the six different backups of the files that I have. Two is good enough. One local to where you live, ideally portable, and one off-site somewhere, probably in the cloud somewhere.

The most important rule of backups that most people either don't know or ignore is the following:

        Your backup is only as good as your ability to restore from it

The number of stories that I hear of people religiously performing backups and then come the day they need something they find the important file isn't being backed up, or they forgot the encryption key, or that the backup is bad, or the restore software doesn't work with the latest version of the computer OS.

Thus was born:

        International restore from your backups day

When is this day you ask? It's every day that is a Friday and the 13th of the month. This means it happens at least a couple if times a year, and never at the same time each year.

So, go ahead, run up your backup software and restore something:

  1. Some source code
  2. A photo
  3. A document
  4. An entire MySQL Database
  5. You get the idea

Once you have proven that you can restore data from your backups you can sleep better at night, until May 2022 when it will be time to check your backups again.

Please check your backups, they are only as good as your ability to prove that they are.

NB: iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive while handy are not backups!

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