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Exercise: 2+ mile walk to Wal-Mart
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In my previous post I mentioned that of the 1,855 miles driven over the last nine days my car did approximately 90% of the driving.

Which brings me to self-driving, AKA autonomous vehicles. Am I ready for them?

By "driving" I mean that the car stayed inside the lane that I was driving - regardless of how the lane curved, split, other lanes merged into it etc. It kept a safe distance from the vehicle in front and it observed the posted speed limits. It slowed for corners where it would be wise to do so.

It didn't observe traffic lights or stop signs and I didn't try and get it to navigate roundabouts. I used it for the long distances that we covered. I accelerated up to speed, tapped the cruise control twice (once to turn on cruise control and a second time to turn on lane guidance and adaptive cruise control), relaxed and kept my eyes on the road. Yes, that's right, at no time did I become an inattentive driver. At all times I was watching the road, and the other road users around me, but let the car do all the boring bits - which it can do without getting bored.

So I ask myself the question again, am I ready for fully autonomous vehicles? The answer is bring it on, but I'm not holding my breath.

I expect the technology to get better. It's a simple case of more memory and cpu processing power. AI has always been about that. I'm not holding my breath because I don't think we will get there, except in sci-fi novels. We will get to cars that can understand traffic lights, stop signs, roundabouts etc but you will always need manual override.

You can trust me on that one. Any autonomous car that goes more than 10 miles per-hour and doesn't have a fixed route - eg: a boring tunnel - had better have manual override, otherwise I don't think I want to get in it.

I know the limits, I write software for a living, it's good for the long distance, it is not good for the parking lot.

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