2 weeks ago 🥁 for day 323, 2020 with 317 words.


Exercise: 2 mile walk.
Keyboard: Remembering sonata.

I figured I should stop pretending to be Jean-Michel Jarre and see if I remembered how to play my Sonata. Glad that I did because it took a few attempts before I remembered all of it. Whew.

Today a new device arrived.


Yes, the HomePod Mini. Which considering its size, sounds pretty damn fantastic, and goes way too loud (and I'm deaf from an abused youth and loud music). Not a match for my Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks - especially as I have the original USB ones so DAC straight to the AMP in the Sub, no bluetooth or audio-jack quality crap. The sound sticks have a very nice sub, you can't compete with that in a 3" speaker.

That said, for something this small it beats the shit out of most desktop speakers and is quite listenable to, plus as I mentioned goes surprisingly loud. Get two and you can pair them in stereo.

Intercom between my & my wife's offices is really handy, or our phones so we don't have to yell at each other across the house anymore.

And of course you can stream to it as it supports AirPlay so anything you can normally stream from your iPhone, iPad, macBook etc you can stream to one or more HomePods.

They fully integrated with the Home App so you can treat it as a HomeKit device and do all the automations you want.

If you were thinking about getting a device like this, and you are tied into the Apple Eco-system, don't even thing of getting a Google Mini or the junk that is an Amazon Echo, get one of these - it is no wonder they sold out instantly they went on sale.

I'll be seriously tempted to stick on in my suitcase whenever I travel as portable sound system.


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