1 year ago 🥁 for day 194, 2020 with 279 words.


Days sheltering in place: 118.
Ants in the kitchen: too many.
Keyboarding: Chopsticks on violin.

The war on the ants has started in earnest, they are banned from coming inside and they will either get the message or will no longer be in a state where they are able to receive messages or come in the house at all. This problem will be solved, that or we're selling and moving to Arizona and getting a pet aardvark.

It's gone 2:22 am. I was heading for bed at 9pm when I received a ping that our main production server had gone off-line and stayed that way.

I can tell you now, 5+ hours later the server is fine, it never stopped running, but somewhere in the world somebody made a networking boo-boo that I have absolutely no control over. As far as our customers would have been concerned, we were down.

I quickly found a way around the issue so that we were back up - in a less than ideal situation - and that is how I'm going to have to leave it because the networking problem - which I have spent the best past of the last 5 hours trying to work out what was happening and who could fix it... is still happening and I while I have tickets in with various companies, I still don't know who will fix it in the end.

What I do know is that if our customers connect to our web server, it will be there just as they expect as if none of this every happened or is continuing to happen. And that is the way it should be.


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By Yorick Phoenix 🥁

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