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Arpeggio Moi

Days sheltering in place: 62.
Days to normality: 16 (at least).

More time spent in front of my keyboards today (both this one and the one that produces music). I plug it into my iPad then using GarageBand I have either a Grand Piano (for WestWorld) or Church Organ (for Toccatta and Fugue).

But @SimpleBeat indicated that I needed to practice my arpeggio A-C-E-G#-A so that is exactly what I did. I like the arpeggio style playing. For me single notes are easier than full cords (only one finger hitting one key instead of several fingers trying to hit several keys at the same time). That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy playing a C#-E-G-A# (or Dflat-E-G-Bflat) cord with two hands in Toccatta as it sounds wonderful on an organ. Yes I haven’t learnt enough to know when it’s A# or Bflat, it’s the same note right?

Anyway, I have my required arpeggio cracked. It is quite easy with no finger contortions required. I’m unsure where it comes in the theme tune but like a good student I did what I was told on the basis that it will pay off later. Each day I will play a little more until I have it all finished.

I am building a list of songs to play badly and thus moonlight sonata and Axel F (or at least the main riff) are on the list along with a good waltz.

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