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Armchair Driving

Days sheltering in place: ONE HUNDRED
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: I don’t remember.

The ants are back. There isn’t an antobahn in the kitchen like a few weeks ago, but there are new ants by the sink. The battle continues.

I don’t know where Tesla get their software engineers from, but I’m really happy that they found the people who work there.

When I came to the USA on a fly drive holiday long ago and drove from LA to SFO via highway 1 and Yosemite I drove a Lebarron which had big comfy seats. It was like sitting in an armchair to drive and a new experience.

Later I drove several RV’s - up to 32 feet long - and they often came with “Captain” Chairs which really made you feel like you were driving an armchair along the highway.

For many years I avoided cruise control for fear of spacing out or falling asleep with the vehicle on “auto-pilot” or at least a fixed speed. Eventually I tried it and discovered that the reverse was true, I ended the journey with more energy and was more awake and vigilant than I had been. I put this down to not having to use up brain-cells constantly checking the speedometer and sending signals to my feet to take action.

You know how the astronauts in the Dragon Capsule didn’t have to do anything from launch at the cape to docking at the ISS. It was all fully automated. They could have watched movies for all SpaceX cared.

When Tesla turned on adaptive cruise control and land keeping for a two-week test period In my car to try to get me to buy the upgrade, I jumped at every opportunity to make use of it. It really is mind blowingly good and I sorely missed it at the end of the two weeks.

Today I used it again to drive the 70 miles to visit my kids and drive back. The car honestly drove itself at freeway speeds through some pretty impressive curves. Yes you have to pay attention, yes, keep your eyes on the road, no you can’t take a nap, but if you can just let go and trust the engineers who built this, boy does it impress.

In a bid to finish the second quarter Tesla dropped the price - until June 30th of course - on the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping features and I just couldn’t resist anymore. I deserved this feature, and I was going to have it.

Now I have the best in "armchair driving" experience you can get.

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