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Are Podcasts the new Radio?

Podcasts have been in the news off and on for a while recently. I knew about Podcasts and that Apple had an app for that but never really took any interest in them - after all you had to subscribe, and download, and all of that seemed like too much work for anything less than the size of an audio book.

That changed in 2016 when @owen and John Edgar started the Charged Tech Podcast as an expanded audio version of Owen's Charged Newsletter that I had been reading. Almost 100 episodes later it is still going with Owen and new hosts @Zg and Frederique. John is busy running Stae, a very interesting company in NY.

After listening to that Podcast I wanted more podcasts and now I have a large backlog of interesting ones to listen to. I now listen to podcasts instead of music a lot of the time if I am doing something mundane. I needed to go somewhere an hour away in my car the other day so I loaded up a few podcasts and setoff. Listening on the way there and then continuing on the way back, it was a great way to pass the time.

One of the people being interviewed was talking about the way people used to do car journeys before we all had iPod type devices. If you were lucky you had a cassette player in your car, otherwise you had a radio and if you were lucky you actually could pick up some AM station on it and whatever you found was what you got. I remember those days.

The point that I am slowly getting to is that like VCR changed the way we watched TV shows and movies by enabling us to time delay them, podcasts have changed the way we consume what used to be radio shows on subjects of interest or interviews with people of interest.

Now that we can easily stream podcasts and both Google and Spotify have gotten into the podcast streaming business along with others and the availability of quality "radio style" programming that can be streamed or downloaded automatically is quite incredible. Shows that can be played, paused, skipped etc at our whim has changed the way we consume content in this form. At least for me.

I really can't remember the last time I actually listened to a live radio show, could be 15+ years already. Probably.


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