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Apple Day

Exercise: Hauled out the Trash
Piano Song of the day: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (118/118)

I wasn't going to go back to the other Disney songs, but there were two from the Lion King, and while I'm not a fan of the movie and dared to diss it to Karen - come on, it's no Jungle Book, Snow White or Fantasia - who was completely horrified that I could so that to Sir Elton John. OK, fair point. Now I'm no Elton John (except in my dreams) but I can give it a go. And of all the songs I have played from the Disney collection - apart from Bare Necessities - this one was really enjoyable to play and didn't take much practice either. I take that as a sign that Elton knows how to compose this stuff really well, after all, he's had enough practice.

It was the Apple Mobile Event today. In case you missed it...

        I interrupt this post to HIGHLY recommend that you upgrade your
        macBook, your iPhone, your iPad, and your Watch to the latest versions of the
        system software as Apple release a Zero Day security patch that is being
        used in the wild. All the hacker needs to do is send you a specially crafted
        PDF by iMessage, and you don't even have to read it, just receive it.
        So stop what you are doing and go fix that, you can come back and read the
        rest of the post later, I don't mind, I'll wait, your security is more important.

Apple released a new updated version of the iPad, a new iPad Mini Pro (I don't think they are calling it a mini Pro, but essentially it is), a new AppleWatch, and of course four new iPhones.

I'll probably get the new AppleWatch as I skipped last year's model. I'll probably skip the new iPhone as I try to keep phones for 2-3 years. Karen may trade in her iPhone 12 Pro Max for the iPhone 13 as it is smaller, lighter, and has better cameras. It'll only cost an extra $200 if we trade in her old phone, which is a bit of a no-brainer.

Also, Leonie's Kickstarter kick starts today, so why are you still reading, go click the link below and buy her art.




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