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Tool Time

Days sheltering in place: 9*9.
Keyboarding: still (maybe I'll forget how to play).

I haven't had the chance to use my mean green drilling machine, but will at the weekend.

During today's "Chatty Writers" Skype call I spent most of it dealing with ants in our kitchen. I have a long history of dealing with ants from living in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and California. Pick somewhere south enough to have good weather all year round and you'll get ants. Sure, there are ants everywhere, but inside my house has generally been in those locations.

Here we have been having a hot spell (38ºC / 101ºF) kind of temperatures. Ants often come in search of food, but as there is none to be found in our kitchen, they are really here for shelter from the heat and in search of water - why they don't hang out on my lawn I don't know, it gets watered for five minutes every morning at dawn.

We had - or rather, Karen had - been observing the odd ant for days as they searched around for anything to be found. Last night I put out two borate traps. These ones the ants like - sugary stuff - with something that they don't - borates. The hope is they'll take some of it back to the nest and kill the queen.

In our case, much to Karen's horror, these traps brought lots and lots of ants, two trails of the little sugar hungry insects. While it horrified her, it solved the problem for me as to how they were getting in. A tiny hole in the grout on the kitchen counter and also a gap above the cooker exhaust vent hidden behind a cupboard above the stove.

Armed with a tub of grout I fixed the kitchen counter but the hole in the wallboard was either a mesh and plaster fix or expanding foam job. I picked up a can of "great stuff" (see photo on Telegram) at my local hardware store and used it liberally. It's like using a can of whipped creme, except it is sticky and hardens really fast.

With the ants exits blocked it was a case of killing the hundreds that were in the kitchen, waiting for the ones in hiding to reveal themselves and dealing with them too.

I hope that morning finds the kitchen clear of ants, I can't deal with them for another day and my wife wants her kitchen to stop looking like a construction zone as inhabited by Tim "tool man" Taylor.

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