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Another One Bites The Dust

Exercise: Nope.
Keyboard: Nope.
Pissed off at the situation: you betcha!

I cancelled everything this morning. I'll add it to the long list of things that we cancelled this year. Our trip to the UK, more concerts than I can even remember, and now our Christmas trip because we couldn't go home for Christmas. The concerts I don't care about although I do miss them. Family is a different matter, I haven't seen my parents and while I have seen my kids at a distance of six feet and I haven't hugged them since the end of February.

But I'm British so I'll keep calm and carry on. We've done it before, as a nation we have been through a lot worse, and we'll get through it and out the otherside.

In the meantime, our "adventure", like everything in 2020 is postponed.

Consequently I'll be cooking Christmas Lunch, for two, and we'll make do, watch movies facetime with friends around the globe.

Hopefully 2021 is the year of a New Hope. A new President for the USA. The UK will never work out how to leave the EU and get all the benefits of staying (because you can't), and we'll all get vaccinated sooner or later, or at least enough of us will because there are too many idiots in the USA that listen to fools and won't.

Until tomorrow.

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