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Exercise: shopping?
Keyboard Practice: nope.
Spare Rolls of toilet paper left: one.

Another week has passed, we still have COVID, it seems to be getting worse not better and who knows what the future will hold.

An online-concert that I had tickets for, for next weekend has been postponed. Things are so bad that we are now postponing online events. The lead singer has COVID and the rest of the U.K. is going into lockdown so the band can’t even travel to the theatre that they booked to hold the concert, sans physical audience. The whole thing was to raise money for their road crew, not for themselves so it is disappointing all round, for the fans, the band and the road crew especially.

It’s time to accept that this really is the new normal in many countries and we should adjust our lives to take the best advantage of it we can instead of waiting for it to go back to how it was in January 2020. That is not happening, now or in the future. Hopefully it will be better, we will all get vaccines but it will never be the same.


Spare rolls of toilet paper: 25 (I went shopping)

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