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Vaccinated Life

Days to COVID Maxination: 1.5
Exercise: Shopping
Piano Song of the day: Almost cracked Burn @ 80% (by Ellie Goulding)

My Noon on Thursday I will be fourteen days past my second vaccination, which means that I will be officially fully vaccinated (AKA: Maxinated) for as long as the vaccine is good - predicted to be a good six months before we all need a booster shot in October.

If all goes to plan I'll go and eat out with the CEO of our company for the first time since February 2020. We used to get together monthly to discuss progress, eat food, drink coffee and it will be wonderous to actually do that again.

Since COVID took over in March 2020 I have eaten out exactly twice. Once about five days after I got my first vaccine shot, which was a Burger and Fries at Five Guys. That was an adventure in itself.

The second time, was a few days after my second vaccine shot and that was - again outside - at a Texas Roadhouse where I have half a rack of ribs, and boy were they good. They had indoor seating and seemed a little perplexed when I specifically asked for outdoor seating. It was a warm and sunny day, I would have asked for outdoor regardless of COVID anyway.

And thus, as long as the rest of the planet doesn't screw it up, we can slowly and responsibly enter into a post COVID phase of "Vaccinated Life".

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