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Exercise: not really.
Keyboard: just a little.

Today I completed my annual. Like other events that occur once per year, this is mine that I get to spend several hours doing and then reaping the reward every day next year.

I have written about this before and it is the annual wall calendar. The 2021 British American UK USA Welsh Wall Calendar. It contains all the significant dates for both myself and Karen, plus all the public holidays in the USA & the UK. All significant events in England, America & Wales. Mother’s Day (which is different in the UK & USA) as is when the clocks change, although Father’s Day is universal along with celestial events because you know... science!

Thrown in for good measure this year is the date that the shelter in place order was issued and we officially started fighting COVID in California.

Each month has a main photo and a bunch of smaller photos which brought me to an issue, I was OK for Jan, Feb and even March, plus December as I always use the previous December’s photos. But Apr - Nov has been slim pickings, other than us wearing face masks and empty shelves in the store.

Still in the end I managed to curate some photos. Not the best year for lots of reasons, but I managed to make it, and it will arrive sometime before December (I hope).

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