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...and then there were three

Days to COVID Vaccine Part 2: 5 Days
Exercise: gardening
Piano Song of the day: Perfect - Ed Sheeran

I cracked Auld Lang Syne so I'm already for the New Year way ahead of schedule and have moved on to a much harder song.

I trimmed my roses for the first time this year as the garden is full of them, with some dying off already and some bushes needing a serious pruning, even though they were only pruned a couple of months ago. I forgot to cut some for the house, maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

I also mowed the grass and all the weeds, dumping the cuttings into the flower beds so that they compost and feed the plants, plus keep weeds from growing.

The daffodils are gone, but the tiger lillies that grow every year as long as I remember to water them a little are growing and will be flowering in a month or so.

The title of the post is stolen from a Genesis album that was released way before you were all born. It was a turning point for the band as the fourth member had left, leaving three - Peter Gabriel had left previous to that.

And now it looks like we are down to three with continuous writers. Hopefully we'll get the odd non-public post from Fiene and an occasional update from Rin, plus random updates from Cat.

And while we have the three of us that continuously sit at the top of the leaderboard, there is always a daily dose of innuendo from Sophie that will pass two others with stale streaks come and join us at the top of the table.

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