1 month ago for day 252, 2020 with 226 words.

And So It Was

Days sheltering in place: 176.
Exercise: small shopping expedition.
Keyboard Practice: Little Sonata.

It was an orangey sky again today. You could barely see the sun, the solar panels only reached about half of their peak-power, whereas on a normal overcast day they can get a good 90% of their output.

I tried taking a photo to express just how weird the light was but I couldn't quite capture it. It was more like a sepia photo but with some colors. As was explained in Brave New World, a sunset is red or orange because the particles in the atmosphere scater all the shorter wavelengths of light only letting those in the red end of the "rainbow*" through.

Imagine just red, orange, yellow colors for everything with all the blues and greens diminished.

That was today. Why? Smoke. Why smoke? California Wildfires. I don't know where the nearest fire is. Not close enough to put me in any danger, but close enough for smoke to drift and blot out the sun.

Oh and don't watch Brave New World, or watch it, just expect to be disappointed and confused by the final episode, annoyingly so.

*There are only 6 colors in a rainbow, regardless of what method you learnt to remember the colors, Indigio (or the I) isn't actually there. It's a myth.


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