2 weeks ago for day 256, 2020 with 326 words.

Saturday Surprise

Days sheltering in place: 180.
Exercise: nope.
Keyboard Practice: less wrong key sonata.

I have a sister, I don’t think I have mentioned that before. Anyway, she has an even more unique name than me, mainly be while uncommon, mine isn’t unique but hers probably is. Of course she doesn’t use it.

Because I have a sister it follows that I might have some nieces and nephews and indeed I have one of the former and two of the later. The niece, who we will call Lucy - mainly because that is her name - works for three people in London.

Those three people are a Mr May, Mr Hammond & Mr Clarkson. If those three names sound familiar then you are either a fan of the (not recent) BBC Show Top Gear or the Amazon Prime Show The Grand Tour. They also run a web site, where Lucy works, called DriveTribe.

Lucy is in charge of social media and also does a lot of the behind the camera video work for the aforementioned three gentleman above.

But that isn’t really what I’m here to talk about. DriveTribe has a spin-off care of James May called FoodTribe and likewise Lucy works the production, camera, editing etc for the Food based videos. Always out of sight, behind the camera generally, which is why, today I was totally surprised to see her put out a cooking video on well, you’ll have to watch the video to see what she is going to cook - you won’t be expecting it.

NB: Her Mum (my sister) is an excellent cook, although she obviously didn’t ask Mum for advice, but that’s what kids do, never ask.

So, without further ado, and thank you Lucy for giving me something to write about please, watch, like, comment, subscribe and ring that bell (for Lucy).

Lucy Brown cooks something


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