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An Exhibition

I'm taking a break from writing about the Battery Replacement Saga as I'm in a holding pattern until Monday. On Monday I will pack up my wife's macBook and ship it to Apple in Texas. That will be uneventful and not take up many words. The saga will probably be concluded with one more post in the future when the machine comes back from repair and I either get the refund as promised or I have to fight Apple for it. That will be sometime next week.

This evening I went to a Photography Exhibition put on by East Bay Regional Parks. It was of amateur photos entered by Park Members taken in one of the Regional Parks - of which there are a lot. One of my photos was exhibited as was one by my wife.

It's a long time since one of my photos was exhibited although in the past many were used for staging of houses for sale. They are still on show in a house, just not mine.

A couple of times I entered amateur contests I did OK. In one I came first place for a photo of a peacock shot in the gardens of Warwick Castle and the other I was an honorable mention with a picture of an insect on a yet to be identified flower.

The range of photos in the exhibition was very mixed in both subject matter and quality. Mine wasn't a particularly spectacular photo. It was OK and as this is going to be a regular exhibition I'll probably put more effort into the next photo I submit.

All in all we had a good time, singing songs in the car on the way there and back, looking at the other entries, an evening stroll by the water and a quick run down as to why nobody should by pizza from Dominos.


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