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America Needs More Doctors

Exercise: Walk to Walmart
Piano Song of the day: Party Anthem (213/242)

Party Anthem seems to be a crap song, but it's part of the challenge so I'll learn it even if I want to forget it afterwards.

Today I got up at 5:30 to leave at 6:30 to drive an hour and meet my boss at 7;30, drive to the airport to pickup up a work colleague who was flying in from Denver, then drive to a customers business to setup fora demo, that we would be doing, drive back, drop off the colleague at the airport and drive home.

During this time driving the conversation turned to COVID and the lack of vaccination uptake in the USA. I work in the medical field and my boss is the CEO and founder of the company as well as being a practicing Doctor (MD). Neither of us are from the USA originally and find the arrogance about not being vaccinated appalling.

At one point my boss said something about the fact that he was vaccinated to not only save his life but the lives of others. I jokingly called him on his "socialist" views and that didn't Americans had a second amendment right to kill other people, if not with guns then by not getting vaccinated or wearing masks.

he took it in good humor but explained that as a physician he was honor-bound to treat a patient no matter how stupid they were or what stupid thing that he had done. If they purposely didn't take their medication and thus caused an organ failure from their own planned stupidity then it was still his job to try and save their life, regardless of why. He couldn't deny them medical care just because they brought it on themselves.

This I found was a very honorable way of thinking about the issue of the stupidity of Americans and doing the best for the common good because there is no viable alternative. Thus I came to the conclusion that if the country is going to survive, it needs more people who think like this, essentially, more doctors.

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