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All lost in the shopping plaza

Exercise: Got Lost Finding Starbucks
Piano Song of the day: Minuet in G (in C), Right Hand with a little left hand action

I went to get my windshield / windscreen / whatever you call it in your county (probably something very long and descriptive in German, hmmm, Windschutzscheibe should be longer.).

On my way to Tahoe on Friday a stone flew up from the road and chipped the lower part of the window, which was not too bad, but then generated a 15" arc'd crack across the passenger side. Not affecting my driving ability too much but would really effect Karen's ability to take photos from the car during road-trips, so I made an appointment to get it replaced.

I had three Tesla dealerships to choose from and decided to check out the new one, actually nearest me. What I didn't know when I arrived was that while the service department was working, the showroom where I would be working for a couple of hours was still being constructed. Thankfully I brought my AirPod Max's, which did a decent job. It was very loud, contractors all over the place. They did give me a glass box room to work in which made me feel like I was working in John Oliver's void.

After an hour I decided to relocate to StarBucks as I knew there was one nearby. I was familiar with the area as it is across the freeway from the Six-Flags Amusement Park - which was open and operating BTW.

So I set off in totally the wrong direction, and a couple of miles later found the StarBucks in the opposite direction to where I was initially headed. Should have checked the map. Anyway, Starbucks had booming music, but again thankfully AirPod Max's.

An hour later I got the notification that he work was done, paid the invoice on my phone using ApplePay and went to pick up my car. Everything good in that regard, except that they seem to have messed up the alignment of the lane positioning of the car when using auto-pilot. Nevertheless, they are sending a technician to my house next week to fix it.

Plus I managed to order a card and bottle of wine to be delivered on Saturday, just in time for Fathers Day. Thank you the Internet.

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