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There is a reason you should never try a product you can't afford.

Two packages arrived today, one from Apple, one from Amazon, both contained Apple Products.

First the box from Apple. It wasn't due to arrive until Wednesday, but came early. It contained a box of four AirTags all individually engraved. In usual Apple style the packaging is beautiful, the product itself is stylish and the engraving is actually quite exceptional. I'm surprised at just how good it is to be honest.

I've been a big fan of Tile Trackers for many years and have used them on my keys, in my suitcase, camera bag, backpack, etc and so has Karen. AirTags will be an interesting alternative because the crowdsourced network of devices that can recognize a lost AirTag is so much bigger than Tile could ever be. Vis-a-vis funcationality I think Tile has the edge, which is not a surprise as it has been doing this for many more years than Apple, however I'm sure Apple will catch up and add functionality to the software, because, after all, it's only software.

The other Apple Product Box delivered by Amazon was a pair of Blue AirPods Max. I'm not an AirPods fan, but I am a full size headphones fan. From my Sennheiser HD40's (from the 80's) to my Sony MX3's. I've been wondering just how good the AirPod Max's sound compared to other wired or Bluetooth headphones. I was going to wait until July to see if Karen would get me a pair or just treat myself but on Saturday I finally folded. I could always send them back if I didn't like them, or they only sounded marginally better than my Sony's - which have always been bass heavy.

The jury is not in yet, but I think eleven of the twelve members are indicating that they arn't going back. Yes the final juror is arguing that while the Sony's now sound muddled compared to the crisp signal of the ApplePod Max's I'll forget that eventually if I send them back.

You know what, I won't.


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