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Air Travel

Days sheltering in place: 98.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 1.
Keyboarding: Silently, I didn’t turn my keyboard on.

The air in the USA travels in mysterious ways. There are weather patterns, on shore breezes, storms, tornados, hurricanes and at higher altitude the jet stream.

This isn’t the air that I am writing about.

This air about starts in one location, moves on mass to a limited number of other Locations before being spread randomly across the USA. At the new location, here it may stay forever, trapped and unable to be free. Sometimes it gets to move to a new location with new possibilities of freedom, like it was before it was captured and transported from its home.

Sometimes, if it is lucky, it will get delivered to my home. Sealed up inside little plastic sacs inside boxes from the likes of Amazon, WalMart and numerous other merchants who brought them in their captured form To aid in the travel of other items inside the box.

But, at my home, I slice open the pouches of “sealed air” to let the air free. To mingle with other air. Sometimes I look at the labels to see where the air came from. Maybe NY or the mid-west or a mourning state.

Either way, when they get to me, I set the air free, again.

And that’s how air moves around the USA in a totally unpredictable way.

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