11 months ago 🏆 for day 151, 2019 with 371 words.

Aggrrrhhhh, so what now?

You probably know the thought in my head, the one that goes "I have no idea what I am going to write about tonight", so this could have been one of those posts where I discuss the fact that I don't have anything to write about while actually writing about and in essence actually having something to write about after all.

This is not one of those posts

I'm four episodes into Good Omens, so far so good, the world hasn't ended — yet!

My solar panels were installed on Tuesday. The city came and inspected the work on Thursday and now I'm waiting for PG&E to either tell me that it is OK to turn them on, or come and inspect the work themselves then preferably tell me to turn them on. It's getting rather warm here and the A/C ran a couple of times today - I have it set to 86°F (30°C) and ideally will be able to set it lower when I'm on solar.

I continue to water a patch of grass every morning for 10 minutes and there are signs that the grass seed I sprinkled a few weeks ago are turning into real grass. The house came with an irrigation system, but it was old and worked a total of once before it broke. I tried repairing bits but gave up in the end. I think a whole new system is needed as the underground pipes crack when the earth moves (which it has a tendency to do in California).

It's been a good year for the roses and my one tiger lilly plant came back again this year with even more lilies than previous years so I'm happy about that.

I shipped a new version of our product this evening to our servers. A couple or weeks hard crafting of architecture and code which performs a bunch of data analysis to pull the signals from the noise for company consultants to help them advise our clients.

And there we have it, 5 months done, 151 days in a row (even if the streaks table says otherwise).

It's goodbye to May (& also goodbye to Mrs May too - soon).


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