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Advantages !== Privileges

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Today I learned from @Fiene that I - and lots of people - were using an English word incorrectly. I always find it fascinating when somebody who has English as a second language knows more about this stuff than me. Now admittedly I'm quite bad at languages, I'm not even great at English but I muddle though. Is this because those who have to learn English really study it, whereas if you are a native speaker you probably grew up with it, learnt a little at school, but didn't put a lot of work into it - unless of course it's your passion.

In a lengthy chat on the "Chatty Writers" Telegram group I was informed that I shouldn't be using the word "privilege" in situations like "white privilege" because it isn't a privilege. Privileges are something that are earned and bestowed on the few. Consequently, if the majority have this "privilege" it can't be a one at all, merely an advantage.

Consequently, "white privilege" isn't one but an "advantage". That feels right, especially when we switch the logic and talk of "black disadvantages".

Thus, we can't fix "white privilege" because it doesn't exist and we can't change "white advantage" except by taking it away, which doesn't help. But we can fix "black disadvantage".

Every time somebody talks about "privilege" think carefully and consider that it might only be an "advantage", then if it is an advantage if you want to make things equal for everyone, you need to take away the disadvantage so that everyone is at the same level, or at least not disadvantaged.

And so, ends todays lesson (from @fiene) expressed by moi.

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