1 year ago 🥁 for day 113, 2021 with 239 words.

Achy Breaky

Days to COVID Maxination: 13
Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: More Sam Smith

Well today I wasn't sick, and I wasn't well either. Karen told me to stay in bed and even encouraged it by bringing me breakfast in bed and coffee, followed by snacks and drinks but you can only do so much in bed before you get bored. So when she went out for her second vaccine jab and to pick up some mushrooms to make me fresh pizza I staggered out of bed to my office.

I attended three meetings by voice only, two from bed and one from my office.

I had a temperature of 99.1°F.

It is an interesting experience, sick but not sick. Not sick, but unstable. It is really interesting and while I would prefer to have not experienced it at all, approximately fourteen hours after it started I think I am over the worst if not all of it now.

If not I have the entire weekend to recover anyway. I managed to do my Welsh lesson, post my weekly photo of Karen to facebook that I do every Friday, play my piano for at least 10 minutes and not make too much of a mess of it, so I wasn't really sick, just wierd.

Oh and as I had a restless night and was awake at 5am PDT I brought us some engraved AirTags.

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