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Busman's Holiday

Days sheltering in place: 96.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 1.
Keyboarding: Not today.

I try not to work at the weekends, I don't always succeed, in fact I very rarely do. Comes with the territory when you run a web service 365 days a year with the technical buck stop with moi. But, this weekend I wasn't going to do any technical stuff. I was exhausted from the previous five days of doing just that.

So, what did I do?

  1. I helped a friend move the DNS service for two of his domains to CloudFlare which would save him a bunch of money and gain him a host of free benefits. He was worried about losing e-mail during the transition, but I re-assured him it would be OK. I would be careful with the transfer, after all this is what I did for a living.

  2. I helped find a way to reproduce a bug that I discovered in the Hey iOS product so that their development team could reproduce it and have it fixed in the new iOS release - should Apple ever let an update into their store. This was the second of two hard to reproduce bugs I had found with the product. It's not that writing code, testing it, finding bugs and ways to reproduce them is my day job, or anything like that.

So much for not doing any technical work this weekend.

Later I mowed the lawn, cleaned up all the cobwebs from the garden fences, pruned the roses, removed all the dead leaves from the scrubs, watered all the plants, checked on my planted grass seed - no new grass yet - but the Dandelion Doom seems to be working, slowly and more random garden tasks. I haven't started on the new deck, but I have a plan, an actual structural plan.

Also, I did my accounts. I leave this to last in this post, even though I did it first because it was the best task, as accounting is. There is something about dealing with money, which feels good, even if you don't even have any, it's the flow of it. Like good stationery, you can't quite explain what makes it good, just that you never have enough of it.

Finally, we watched Molly Game (movie) which I recommend if you haven't seen it. We finally watched Knives Out last night, which is also good if you haven't seen it.

I also finished the TV Series "The Great" so Huzzah!

Happy Fathers today any fathers out there, @simplebeat and any others.

Enjoy this: Cats in the Cradle

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