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Silly Apple Con!

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[This post was originally posted in the AppleCanoe channel of the ChargedTech Discourse group]

Tomorrow, at 10 AM PST, Apple has their "One More Thing" event, where it is expected that they will announce one or more new Apple Silicon based machines.

Some people are of the view, never buy "version 1" of any product, yet I feel for Apple, this is never version 1.

If you use a native app, and that app is native with Apple Silicon - of which I expect many major apps to be - then it is quite possible that a new Apple Silicon machine(s) will out perform any of the other Apple Laptops out there for the job that you do. It will be interesting to see how fast Websites run of course. I assume that there will be a native version of Chrome pretty quickly if not day one - Chromium already runs on Arm anyway so not that big a port.

It'll probably have the 16" macBook pro keyboard, which isn't as good as the old MBP but much better than the popcorn one.

Remember this is the third time that Apple have successfully switched processors (68K -> PowerPC -> Intel -> Apple Silicon) and they are really good at this stuff. Many of the changes (eg: 64 bit only apps) along the way over the last few years have been steps to force devs to make changes that

[a] will make the port easier and

[b] mean their apps will run decently in emulation.

Yes, non-native apps will be a little sluggish so this isn't the machine for you if that is going to be an issue, and as Owen pointed out on the ChargedTech Podcast until the dev community catches up with all the CLI tools we love it won't be the choice for devs. But for a lot of users who never venture outside the Apple Apps, Office 365 or G-Suite then it will be a great machine.

It's not like Apple have no experience with Arm chips either. They have obviously had macOS Apple Silicon running for a few years now just like they did with the Intel version.

Oh, and one more thing: Maybe noise cancelling headphones, just in time for the holiday season rush!

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