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Forced Random Stuff

I haven't done any work for the company that employs me since Dec 19th. Initially it was because I was visiting my parents and my daughter, then Festivus, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. When the 27th came around I hadn't done any work and while tempted I forced myself to find other stuff to do. It is rare for me to not work even though I know not working is good for me. Going an an actual vacation somewhere else is the easiest way to "not work" for me. Today (28th) is my wedding anniversary, then the 29th we're running errands and lunch at my mother-in-laws. 30th looks like being a sunny day so we're going on a long hike. Tuesday we switch Hotel followed by New Years Eve, New Years Day and after that I'm not sure. It looks like I'll be able to pull off this not working all the way through to the 2nd January, although while I may work that day, I won't be working the 3rd through 6th.

Now, that isn't to say I haven't checked work e-mail. As the CTO of a startup that isn't really an option. I'm bottom line responsible for way too much to just check-out and forget about work. There are many status e-mails every day that I check to make sure that everything is running smoothly. I haven't needed to be actively involved in the day-to-day as everything has been running just fine.

While driving around the UK on the motorways I keep seeing SOS signs.


These are of course a sign to let you know that there is an emergency phone that can be used if you breakdown.

However, everytime I see the sign if I think of the text editor SOS, AKA: Son of Stopgap. It was a line-based editor that was based on a text editor written for the PHP-6 called "Stopgap". I used this text editor a lot when at University until a whole screen editor became available - SED - after which life became a lot easier.

I've used a lot of text editors in my life, I would write about them although I suspect it would be the most boring thing anybody has ever read so maybe I shouldn't.


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