2 months ago 🏆 for day 340, 2019 with 383 words.


I'm not 100%, but I am a lot better. I managed to finish the first version of a new feature that I have been too ill to fix for the last few days - thus putting us behind schedule. That was pleasing.

I sold my old AppleWatch Series 3 + LTE Space Gray 42mm within a few hours of listing it. A bunch of people offered me half the asking price, some a little more. Some who lived ninety minutes away asked if we could we meet halfway - no. Eventually a nice gentleman who lives locally offered me a price that was within $20 of asking, no low-ball, no attitude. Good enough for me, he came over checked out the watch, paired it with his phone, gave me cash, including an extra $10 over the agreed amount and left. Sweet easy transaction. Say what you will about Facebook but where I live FaceBook Marketplace is where I sell most of my stuff, including my last car. Simple, quick, efficient and no eBay fees plus few scammers.

UPS didn't turn up to pick up a package destined for the UK. When Karen got home from work I went out to the local UPS store to drop the package off. I couldn't go earlier because I was waiting in for a FedEx. That had been due to arrive by 10:30 and didn't. Just now as I'm writing this, 30 minutes past the cutoff at the local UPS store a truck pulls up the pick up the package. Nice that he turned up, I didn't have confidence that they would and couldn't risk it. Probably not the drivers fault but they really should think out when they make pickups.

The 10:30 FedEx that I had planned my day around wasn't turning up. Online tracking still said it would be delivered today. I tried contacting them by phone, no joy. Ranted at them on Twitter using their own marketing slogan. That got a response. They found my package, it will not be delivered today. It should be delivered tomorrow. I asked them to please make sure it is before 10:30 even though it will be a full 24 hours late. I need the new shinny.

Of course my Amazon delivery turned up just fine, as you work expect. Rarely a problem there.


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