4 months ago for day 155, 2020 with 330 words.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes…

Days sheltering in place: 79.
Nights under curfew: 3.
Days to curfew ends: 4 (maybe).
Keyboarding: nope.

The city announced today that they would be aligning their curfew requirements with the county. This means that instead of starting at 6pm, the curfew starts at 8pm. At least that helps a little. It's not like I have concerts to go and attend in the evenings.

The city order ends next Monday morning. The county order, which will go into effect when the county one expires is open-ended. The curfew ends when they announce that it will end.

I missed the update from the county regarding the shelter in place order that was expected yesterday but Karen found it today and sent me the link. I skimmed it, it extends the shelter in place order indefinitely as needed but does allow gatherings - outside - of up to 12 people as long as they are associated with the family - this covers extended family situations.

Retail stores can open again if they limit the number of people in the store, practice safe distancing, require everyone to wear masks etc. and provide the option for curbside pickup for those that don't want to enter the store. Places that have direct contact with the customer - hairdressers etc. - are not allowed to open.

Open air museums and the like are OK with similar rules. Churches are OK if they follow all the normal rules and don't exceed more than 25% of capacity or twelve people, whichever is smaller. This allows for small funerals. Churches can gather outside for services if social distancing requirements are met and not more than 25% of capacity of what would be allowed in the space.

Protests are allowed - social distancing with masks etc. - but no more than one hundred people in a protest group.

My new drill, which was expected today, didn't turn up.

I am tired, oh so tired

PS: Dragons exist!


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