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The Best Made Plans of Money.

Previously in my updates about losing things, this morning I remembered I had a Revolut card that I meant to bring on this UK trip. I have a different UK bank account and associated multi-currency debit card, however I was also interested in giving my Revolut card a go. Note: I referred to my Revolut card as my Monzo card for some reason when mentioning it to my wife, maybe because they have a presence in Cardiff, it being the capital of Wales, maybe because it was a better name than Revolut.

I realised this morning that I had no recollection of packing it. I didn't even remember seeing it when I went through my credit / debit cards to make sure I had my UK ones and was leaving behind any US ones that I was very unlikely to use or need.

I did remember that I had a plan that I followed to make sure that I wouldn't forget the sterling coins nor the Revout card. The problem was that I didn't write down anywhere what this plan was and in the intervening time, forgot.

This morning my wife was out so I took the opportunity to wrap all of her presents that I had brought in my suitcase. The larger items I put in plain cardboard boxes so that she wouldn't know what was inside if she saw them. The smaller items I had been collecting for the last two months in a large padded envelope along with an assortment of gift tags, labelled "Christmas Stuff".

While emptying out the envelope to wrap the gifts I came across two extra items.

  • A bag of Sterling coins
  • My Revolut Mastercard

Ah-ha, so that was the plan. Put them in the envelope with all the Christmas gifts and that way I would be sure not to forget them, even if I forgot that I had done that. That was why it was labelled "Christmas Stuff" not "Christmas Gifts". Seemed like a pretty failsafe at the time.

NB: No sign of my gloves.


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