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Piano Song of the day: Syncopation & D Position

Nothing exciting in the piano-playing world. Well, I watched a video about how they make Steinway pianos and why they cost $100,000. Interesting stuff, but yeah, I'm never going to own one, or probably play one, or afford somebody to come and tune it for me. It is interesting how they balance each key individually by drilling holes in the wood so that the key goes down with the exact amount of force and returns with the exact speed that is required.

The was a discussion on our local NextDoor account where somebody was mad because a driver hit their dog and called them a murderer. Which lots of people called them on. I recounted my own stories on this, which I will paste below to save me having to come up with something new.

I have only killed somebody's pet once when driving. It was a cat that darted out between two cars while I was driving at 30 mph (the speed limit). Neither the cat nor I stood a chance at a 6-foot distance between us. Yes I felt bad, it was decades ago and I still remember where and when. The cat was probably being chased and it was very unfortunate.

When I was learning to drive, I was on a country road and a rabbit dashed out in front of me, I tried to swerve to avoid it, and boy did I receive a telling off from my instructor about my dangerous driving. From his perspective, you learn to do an emergency stop and that is all you have. If you try to swerve to miss the animal may go the way you did, or (more likely) you'll lose control of your vehicle. You stop in a straight line or not at all and often as is the case, the driver doesn't have much choice and it will affect them too, through no fault of their own.

And here endeth post nine hundred and sixty-two.


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