2 months ago 🥁 for day 266, 2021 with 237 words.


Exercise: Long walk to Trader Joes
Piano Song of the day: Starry Night (198/198 @ FULL speed)

Yay to Starry Starry Night. Yes I played it again, it is too good plus I needed the practice anyway. When I can play a song all the way through changing chords flawlessly it brings me happiness in a very simple way.

This is the first time I’m using my new backlit keyboard with my iPad, sitting in bed writing my words. Seems to work just fine once I managed to get the hang of switching devices - it isn’t as obvious as the older keyboard.

I’m still using Obsidian to write my words which at this point probably means it’s a keeper. Probably nowhere near as powerful as Notion no doubt but had it’s benefits:

  1. Totally off-line. You don’t need an Internet connection to get anything done.
  2. Syncs between iOS and macOS devices using iCloud
  3. Free - although you can pay if you want
  4. Huge 3rd party library of plug-in’s or write your own.
  5. Underlying format is markdown

I have most of my WriteTogether posts imported so all are easily to hand and searchable. Hopefully @owen will fix the existing export functionality on his return from the road-trip he is one so we can all have a full copy of all of our words.

‘till the morrow.

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