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Exercise: a couple of mile walk.
Keyboard Practice: one full sonata (I think).

The problem with Midnight is that it is 3am in New York.

Midnight: I used to work into the late hours of the night. Going to bed when I couldn't stay awake anymore, sleeping until I woke up and then working again until I couldn't stay awake any longer. Food was optional, I used to smoke in those days. I survived on those and coffee.

I can still do that on occasion although it has probably been a good 7 years since I pulled an all nighter.

2am: Sometimes when I travel I need to set an early alarm to get up, get to the airport, etc. 2am was the worst of these when I flew to Seattle for the day, getting up at 2am and getting home again around 1am the next day. It was an insane but fun day-trip.

So what am I doing awake at 5am? I'm not going anywhere. I went to bed, I was asleep, yet I purposely set an alarm to make sure I was awake. Not voluntarily you understand. Last year I didn't do this. In years before I did but at midnight, not 5am.

5am in California is 8am in New York. 8am is a much more sociable time.

Well that's all good for New York, but I'm awake at 5am, because I live in California.

And 5am is when the new iPhone 12 Pro goes on sale!

Otherwise I would be asleep.

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