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Exercise: Walk to Wal-Mart
Piano Song of the day: Starry Night (198/198 @ FULL speed)

Yay to Starry Starry Night. I enjoyed that and played it for Karen today. I think she was reasonably impressed with the returns on buying me a keyboard and piano stool.

There is a well-known IC Chip called the 555 which was a pulse generator invented in 1972. If you made a product that made any kind of simple sounds the changes are you used a 555 Chip. Apparently, it is "probably the most popular integrated circuit ever made" (according to Wikipedia). I used one once in a circuit back in the days when I was into PCB boards and knew how to read the bands on a resistor.

At 555 California St in San Francisco is a 52 story building that I know of as the "Bank of America" building. Like the Sears Town in Chicago is no longer owned by Sears, the Bank of America Building is now owned by somebody else. It is now also only the fourth tallest building in San Francisco.

555 is the middle digits of almost all US telephone numbers in all TV and Films, as in 555-2368 (which is who you're gonna call if you have a ghost problem).

And there you have it a post titled 555 about three different things that contain 555 that I knew.

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